Air Shadow (2024) '30

Concept by Philemon Mukarno
Art Rotterdam 2024


A Powerful Tool for Expression

Philemon Mukarno’s ‘Air Shadow’ performance delves into the raw essence of nudity within an industrial setting. The interplay between a man and a woman, bare in a metallic forest, resonates with primal survival instincts. Their metal nails striking the metallic branches create a symphony, harmonized by Martine von Gleich’s violin. The reverberations linger for 10 seconds, echoing the unique sound of ‘Pas Tornado de Deux’. As the performer whirls with a speaker, a whirlwind of sound envelops the space, transcending conventional auditory experiences. This avant-garde exploration challenges norms, inviting audiences to witness vulnerability and strength intertwined in a captivating dance of sound and nakedness.


A Primal Connection to Nature and Self

In contemporary art, nudity serves as a powerful tool for expression, transcending mere physicality to convey deeper human qualities. The unclothed body in live performances symbolizes realism or profound symbolic meanings, breaking free from conventional constraints. Nudity in ‘Air Shadow’ embodies a primal connection to nature and self-expression, pushing boundaries and inviting audiences to explore the raw essence of humanity through the performers’ uninhibited presence. The fusion of sound and nakedness in this performance creates a visceral experience that challenges perceptions and evokes profound emotions.


A Symphony of Raw Sounds and Movements

The juxtaposition of nakedness against an industrial backdrop in ‘Air Shadow’ underscores the performers’ journey of liberation amidst a metallic wilderness. Through their primal interactions with the metallic environment, they transcend physical constraints to create a symphony of raw sounds and movements. The fusion of metal nails striking against branches, accompanied by haunting violin melodies, forms a unique musical composition that resonates with the audience long after the performance ends. This immersive experience invites viewers to witness vulnerability, strength, and resilience intertwined in a captivating exploration of nudity and sound within an industrial landscape.

A Journey of Liberation Amidst a Metallic Wilderness

The performance in ‘Air Shadow’ encapsulates the essence of nudity as a form of artistic expression that transcends societal norms. Philemon Mukarno’s innovative concept challenges conventional perceptions by intertwining nakedness with industrial elements, creating a visceral experience that blurs the boundaries between performer and audience. Ilse Husstege – Peters and Martine von Gleich‘s collaboration adds depth to this exploration, weaving together sound, movement, and nakedness into a mesmerizing tapestry of human expression. Through their uninhibited presence in an industrial wilderness, the performers invite viewers to embrace vulnerability, resilience, and the raw beauty of human connection through the lens of nudity.


Medium for Artistic Expression in ‘Air Shadow’

This aims to capture the essence of Philemon Mukarno’s groundbreaking performance in ‘Air Shadow’, where nudity becomes a powerful medium for artistic expression. By immersing audiences in a world where nakedness intertwines with industrial elements, the performers transcend physical boundaries to create a symphony of sound and movement that challenges perceptions and evokes profound emotions. Through this innovative exploration of nudity in art, Mukarno invites viewers to embrace vulnerability, strength, and human connection in a raw and unfiltered form that resonates long after the performance ends.

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