Performance by Philemon Mukarno during International Territori performance art festival Ibiza / Spain III edition 17/25 September 2022 Plaza Vara de Rey, Eivissa. About The decolonization of a country is a profound spiritual journey that echoes the ancient rhythms of liberation and awakening.

Decolonization (2022) '40

Performance during International
Territori performance art festival
Ibiza / Spain
III edition 17/25 September 2022

The Spiritual Journey of Decolonization

The decolonization of a country is a profound spiritual journey that echoes the ancient rhythms of liberation and awakening. It is a process of shedding the chains of oppression, healing the wounds of history, and reclaiming the sacred essence of identity and sovereignty.


Guidance: The Support of the Spirits and the Ancestors

As a nation embarks on this transformative path, it aligns with the cosmic flow of evolution, guided by the wisdom of the collective soul. The chains of colonization, like heavy shackles, have bound the nation’s spirit for generations. Distorting its true essence and disconnecting it from its roots.


Awakening: The Call of the Land and the Ancestors

The journey begins with a collective awakening. A spiritual call from the heart of the land itself, urging the people to rise and reclaim their inherent power. It is a moment of spiritual reckoning, a deep realization of the sacred interconnectedness between land, people, and ancestors.


Healing: The Process of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

The wounds of colonization run deep, and the process of decolonization involves a profound process of healing and reconciliation. It is a sacred act of forgiveness and compassion, as the nation confronts the shadows of its past and seeks to restore harmony within its soul.


Leadership: The Guardians of a Higher Purpose

In this spiritual quest for liberation, the nation’s leaders become guardians of a higher purpose. Guided by the wisdom of the land’s spirits and the whispers of their ancestors. They become vessels of divine inspiration, channeling the energy of transformation and justice.

Throughout the process, communities come together in ceremonies of unity and remembrance. They honor their ancestors and pay homage to the land, reaffirming their commitment to restoring its sacred balance.


Reconnection: The Restoration of Harmony and Balance

The spirits of the land and the ancestors, who have witnessed the struggle for generations, guide and support this sacred endeavor. As the nation embraces its true essence, a harmonious resonance reverberates through the collective consciousness. Restoring the bonds between people and the sacred earth.


Sovereignty: The Rediscovery of Sacred Purpose and Identity

It is not just a political or economic change. It is a profound spiritual reconnection with the cosmic web of life. The nation’s journey mirrors the cycles of nature, as it experiences seasons of growth, introspection, and transformation.


Gratitude: The Offering to the Spirits of the Land

As the chains of colonization fall away, a new era of spiritual sovereignty dawns. The nation rediscovers its sacred purpose, guided by the wisdom of its ancestors and rooted in the sanctity of the land. The process of decolonization becomes an offering of gratitude to the spirits of the land, as the nation remembers its true identity and sacred heritage.


The Sacred Pilgrimage of Liberation and Transformation

The liberation of a country is a sacred pilgrimage. A journey of spiritual liberation that transcends time and space. It is an affirmation of the nation’s indomitable spirit, the resilience of its people, and the timeless power of collective transformation. As the nation embraces its spiritual sovereignty, it radiates a light that inspires other nations to embark on their own sacred journeys of liberation and awakening.

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