Garden Performance


Garden Performance: Philemon Mukarno and Carol challenged society with their Naked performance in public spaces

Garden Performance

is a performance art piece that Philemon Mukarno and Carol performed at the Nutshuis in The Hague during the IPA The Hague 2017 festival. The festival was organized by the International Performance Association (IPA), which is a network of artists, curators, and organizers dedicated to promoting performance art.

A duet that involved nudity, movement, sound, and symbolism. They were naked in a public space surrounded by plants and flowers. They used their voices to create sounds that echoed their emotions and sensations.


Nudity was a key element in this performance for several reasons. First, they wanted to show that nudity is natural and beautiful. Second, they wanted to express their freedom and authenticity as human beings. Third, they wanted to create a connection with nature and with each other.

Challenging the norms and expectations of society regarding sexuality and spirituality. They wanted to question the meaning and value of these concepts in relation to their own bodies and experiences. They wanted to create a new perspective that celebrates life, love, and joy.


the audience’s reactions are different. Some people were curious, fascinated, or amused. Some people were uncomfortable, offended, or disgusted by what they saw.

The artists did not expect or demand any specific reaction from the audience. They respected their opinions and feelings. They hoped that their piece would inspire some reflection or dialogue about nudity, sexuality, and spirituality in our society.


The piece offers a unique and daring perspective on performance art. It is not for everyone, but it is worth watching if you are interested in exploring new forms of expression and communication. It is a piece that challenges your assumptions and prejudices about nudity, sexuality, and spirituality. It is a piece that invites you to experience something different and unexpected.

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