Opening the Yoni (2022) '10

Altes Busdepot Halle F, Tösstalstrasse 86, Winterthur (Kunst im Depot) 14/08/2022

Concept and direction: Philemon Mukarno

Context: Dreamworld 360° – Artist in Residence Program by Elias Kirsche (2022)

Performance: Belinda, Marc Lüthi, Philemon Mukarno

Camera: Thomas Zollinger

Spiritual Awakening and Honoring of the Sacred Feminine

The yoni holds profound significance as a sacred and representate of the divine feminine energy and creative power. The term “yoni” refers to the sacred space, the womb, and the cosmic gateway that gives birth to all creation. In this context, discussing the opening of the yoni refers to an exploration of the spiritual and energetic aspects rather than any explicit or physical connotations.

Cosmic Dance of Creation and the Interplay of Opposites

The opening of the yoni is a transformative process that transcends the physical realm. Delves into the realm of spiritual awakening. It is the awakening and honoring of the sacred feminine energy that resides within every being, regardless of gender. This awakening represents a deep connection with the divine. With a harmonious union with the cosmic forces of creation and creativity.

Activation of the Dormant Creative Potential and the Removal of Barriers

The yoni is the seat of Shakti. The primordial divine feminine energy. While the lingam represents the counterpart divine masculine energy of Shiva. The union of these energies makes the cosmic dance of creation and the dynamic interplay of opposites. Signifying the interconnectedness of all existence.

Inclusive and Universal Journey of Embracing Wholeness and Balance

Opening of the yoni, therefore, signifies the unblocking and activation of the dormant creative potential within an individual. It involves the removal of energetic barriers and societal conditioning. That may have inhibited the expression of the divine feminine energy. Through various practices such as meditation, breathwork, mantra chanting, and sacred rituals. Individuals can access and embody the immense power and wisdom of the yoni.

Spiritual Quest of Self-Discovery and Self-Acceptance and the Reclaiming of Sacredness

This sacred journey of opening the yoni is not limited to physicality or gender. But is an inclusive and universal experience for all souls seeking spiritual growth and connection. It invites individuals to embrace their innate wholeness. Recognizing that within each being resides a divine balance of both masculine and feminine energies.

Liberation, Empowerment, and Spiritual Connection with the Universe’s Flow

The opening of the yoni is a spiritual quest of profound self-discovery and self-acceptance. It is an invitation to reclaim the sacredness of one’s own body, mind, and soul, transcending societal taboos and embracing the fullness of one’s being. As the yoni is opened and activated. A person may experience a deep sense of liberation, empowerment, and spiritual connection. Aligning with the creative flow of the universe.

Celebration of Life’s Sacredness, Opposites’ Union, and Spiritual Growth’s Possibilities

In conclusion, the opening of the yoni is a spiritual journey that honors the divine feminine energy. Representing the awakening of creative potential, harmony, and unity within the individual and the universe. It is a celebration of the sacredness of life. The union of opposites, and the infinite possibilities of spiritual growth and realization.

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