Sound Depot 0.47 (2022)

Sound Depot 0.47 –Dreamworld 360° – Winterthur 2022

Sound Depot 0.47

The Winterthur bus depot in Switzerland possesses a unique sonic character influenced by its materials, design, and environmental interaction. Within the bus depot space, distinct sounds contribute to the symphony of architecture. The transformation of the bus depot into musical instruments presents an exciting challenge.

Architectural Acoustics in Music Composition

Composing music with the acoustic sound of architecture requires artistic sensibility and technical expertise. One approach involves capturing ambient sounds, including resonance, echoes, and reverberations, to give architecture its voice. These recordings are then skillfully integrated into musical compositions, adding atmospheric elements or seamlessly blending with the music, composed and performed by Marc Lüthi.

Playing Architecture as a Giant Instrument

Another intriguing technique involves directly engaging with architecture, treating it as a giant instrument. Luethi expertly strikes, plucks, or bows specific structural elements like columns, railings, and windows. This experimental method demands a deep understanding of both music and architecture, encompassing musical theory and the acoustics of the chosen location.

Collaborative Fusion of Music and Architecture

The fusion of architecture and music calls for collaboration among composers, musicians, architects, and sound engineers. Lüthi uncovers the hidden musical potential of the building, creating awe-inspiring compositions. During the performance, he skillfully plays with architectural elements, immersing the audience in a rich sonic journey.

Sound Depot performance art philemon mukarno

Transcending Boundaries with Acoustic Architecture

Composing music with the acoustic sound of architecture offers a novel and captivating experience, transcending conventional settings. It invites people to perceive the world from a different perspective, as architecture and music seamlessly integrate, evoking emotions and inspiring contemplation. This deepens the connection between individuals and their built environment.

“Enriching the Cultural Landscape: Symbiotic Experience of Music and Architecture”

Embracing the acoustic sound of architecture represents an exciting frontier in the world of artistic expression. By harnessing the inherent musicality of buildings and blending it seamlessly with their designs and materials. Lüthi opens new channels for creativity and inspiration. This innovative approach enriches the cultural landscape, enabling audiences to symbiotically experience the harmonious connection between music and architecture. As exploration continues, audiences can expect to encounter more awe-inspiring compositions that celebrate the boundless union of sound and space.

Altes Busdepot Halle F, Tösstalstrasse 86, Winterthur (Kunst im Depot) 14/08/2022

Concept, Performance, Sound and Direction: Marc Lüthi

Context: Dreamworld 360° – Artist in Residence Program by Elias Kirsche (2022)

Director of Photography: Philemon Mukarno

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