Saturn 3S90

(2005) ’40

Philemon Mukarno, concept and composition

Eva Kamala Rodenburg, choreography an dance

Philemon Mukarno Performance Art Saturn 3S90 (2005)’40 Bolnes Dockyard, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Florian Magnus Maier, live electronics performance

Deon Dieleman, audio engineering

A Naked Dance with Iron and Sound

Saturn 3S90 is a performance art piece that transports the audience to a different world, where the naked human body and the industrial environment of a shipyard collide. The performance unfolds in a vast hall where ships were once built, surrounded by iron structures that become musical instruments. The performance is the brainchild of Philemon Mukarno, a concept artist and composer, and features Eva Kamala Rodenburg, a choreographer and dancer, as well as Olivier Beijn, Marelva de Bruin, Florian Magnus Maier, and Deon Dieleman as collaborators. The performance takes place at Bolnes Dockyard in Rotterdam, a former shipyard where ships were built and repaired. There you will find iron structures that are used as musical instruments.



The performance draws its inspiration from the planet Saturn, which is famous for its rings and its symbolism of time and discipline. The title also refers to the number of iron bars that are transformed into musical instruments in the performance.

The iron bars are connected to loudspeakers that make them vibrate with body shakers, a device that turns sound into physical motion. The iron bars act as membranes that produce various tones and noises depending on the frequency and amplitude of the body shakers. The composer Philemon Mukarno controls the body shakers with a computer and creates a musical score that is based on mathematical patterns and algorithms.

The dancer Eva Kamala Rodenburg performs on the iron structures, moving along them with grace and agility. She dances naked to highlight the contrast between her soft and organic body and the hard and metallic environment. She also interacts with the iron bars, touching them, hitting them, or plucking them to create additional sounds. Her movements are influenced by the sounds that she hears and the vibrations that she feels.



It is a performance that immerses the audience in a sonic and visual adventure that challenges their perception of space, sound, and movement. The performance creates a dynamic and unpredictable soundscape that ranges from subtle harmonies to harsh noises. The sounds also affect the lighting, which changes according to the intensity and frequency of the body shakers.

This also creates a visual spectacle that showcases the beauty and strength of the human body in contrast to the industrial setting. The dancer’s nudity is not meant to be erotic or provocative, but rather to express her vulnerability and freedom. Her movements are fluid and expressive, creating a contrast with the rigid and static iron structures.

It aims to challenge the audience’s expectations and assumptions about what constitutes music, dance, and art. It also aims to stimulate the audience’s senses and emotions, making them feel curious, surprised, intrigued, or even uncomfortable. The performance is an experiment that explores the possibilities of sound, movement, and space in an unconventional way.



This art piece that combines music, dance, and installation in an innovative and original way. The performance is a collaboration between Philemon Mukarno, Eva Kamala Rodenburg, and other artists who share a vision of creating art that is experimental and expressive. The performance is a unique experience that offers the audience a chance to witness a different form of artistic expression that challenges their perception of reality.

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