Stone Performance


Stone Performance How Sisyphus Reveals The Naked Human Struggle

Imagine being naked and pushing a huge stone up a hill, only to see it roll down again and again. This is the fate of Sisyphus, a character from Greek mythology who was punished by the gods for his arrogance and deceit. This is also the theme of a performance art piece by Philemon Mukarno who explores the essence of human existence through nudity, repetition, and symbolism.

Nudity as a Statement:

Philemon Mukarno chooses to be naked for a reason. They want to show their true selves, without any masks or clothes. They want to express their feelings, without any shame or fear. They want to challenge the norms, without any limits or rules. Nudity is a way of being honest and authentic.

The Cycle of Life:

The same action over and over. He pushes the stone up the hill, then watches it roll down. This is a symbol of life, where we face many struggles and problems. The performers keep moving, trying to find meaning and purpose. This is a symbol of hope, where we never give up.

The Meaning of the Stone: 

The stone is not just a prop. It is a metaphor for the things that weigh us down. Our regrets, mistakes, and desires are like heavy stones. We have to deal with them, or they will crush us. The performers face their stones, showing their courage and strength.

The Value of Humility:

The gods punished Sisyphus because he was arrogant and deceitful. He thought he was smarter and better than them. The performance art shows the opposite. The performers are humble and respectful. They accept their fate, without any complaints or resistance. They show us that humility is a virtue that can help us cope with life’s challenges.

The Power of Empathy:

He creates empathy in his performance art. He makes the audience feel his pain, his joy, his struggle. He makes them realize that he is like them, a human being with emotions and needs. He makes them connect with him and with each other. He makes them understand that we are not alone and that we share the same journey.



The Naked Performance Art of the Myth of Sisyphus is more than just a show. It is a lesson, a message, a call. It teaches us to be vulnerable, humble, and empathetic. It tells us to face our struggles, find our meaning, and embrace our truth. It invites us to experience life in a deeper and richer way. It is a performance art that touches our hearts and souls.

PAB OPEN Festival 2017
Vaskerelven 8
6th – 8th October
Free entrance

Norway’s Largest Performance Art Festival
3 intense days – 70 performance artists

PAB OPEN 2017 – Vaskerelven
Performance Art Bergen (PAB) has the pleasure of inviting the public to an extraordinary art experience at Vaskerelven 8 – the former location of Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

On Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of October, we will fill the whole building – three floors – with more than 70 performance artists from all around the world.

This is the third edition of PAB Open, and the response has been overwhelming. Every year of the festival, PAB Open represents a broad and inclusive spectrum of all types of performance art, both national and international: something surprising and pleasing for everyone. This year will be no exception

The festival’s ethos is not to curate the selection of artists or work: all applications are accepted! We thereby promise an exciting and varied program from beginning to end.

The event is free. Guests are invited to visit the festival café for homemade food and drink, conversations about life and art. There will also be an exhibition about PAB’s public space interventions ‘Open Space’ in the hallway to the café.



Friday 6th October – 12.30-16.45 – Bergen Kunsthall – Upstairs
Seminar – “REALITY IN ART – Do We Want to Differentiate?”

Friday 6. Oktober – 17.30-18.30 – Festplassen
PAB Open Session

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8 h October -13:00-17:00 – Vaskerelven 8
Festival – performance programme / exhibition/ Café

Official opening Saturday 13.00 by Professor in Art History- Department of Linguistic, Literary, and Aesthetic Studies. Sigrid Lien

Participating artists PAB OPEN 2017:

ronnie s, Marita Bullmann, Jan-Egil Finne, Frauke Materlik, Sunniva Innstrand, Sigmund Skard, Øystein Larssen, Rita Marhaug, Amber Ablett, Mia Øquist, Else Karin Tysse Bysheim, Joana Gelazyte, Koppen & Jorkjen, Anette Friedrich Johannessen, Ingeborg Wie/Innocent Fungurani, Collura/Launder, Tolga Balci, Roddy Bell/Sean Bell, Thomas Simonsen Balmbra, Léann Herlihy, Carole Novak, Vibeke Rød Kjøde, Przepraszam, Hans Christian van Nijkerk, Sander L. Haga, Elias Björn +Henrik Nordin and William Alexander Vik Skaten, Karen Kipphoff, Samuel Brzeski, Gudrun Tara Sveinsdottir, Laurel Jay Carpenter, Erik Tonning Jensen, David Alræk, Julia Kurek &Dominik Wolski, Meri Hietala, Thomas Reul, Noa Reshef, Linnea Jardemark/Marika Sanaksenaho , Bernadette Laimbauer, Wei-Ling Hung, Chun-Han Chiang, Vincenzo Fiore Marrese, Agnieszka Gotowała, Mari Norddahl, Álvaro Terrones, Juan Carlos Villalba, Ella Honeyma-Novotny and Mathias Loose, Guy Sioui Durand, Johanna Lettmayer, Minna-Kaisa Kallinen, Andrea Conradsen/Guro Rex, Olga Nikonova, Marie Christine Katz, Philemon Mukarno, Janne Jong Aass, Roos Hoffmann, Marta Ostajewska, Vidmante Cerniauskaite, Kristen Rønnevik, Gillian Carson, Florence Lam, Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh, Pavana Reid

Anett Haukås (CEO of PAB), Mia Øquist projectleader PAB OPEN , Anette Friedrich Johannessen, Rita Marhaug, Hans Christan van Nijkerk, Jan Egil Finne, Eleanor Clare

Philemon Mukarno Performance Art Stone Performance(2017)4h PAB Open 2017, Bergen, Norway.

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