ReBirth (2013)'30

A Performance Art Piece by Philemon Mukarno

The Genesis of ReBirth: A Performance Art Piece

ReBirth, a powerful and thought-provoking performance art piece, found its origins in the Saturn 3S90 project, a series of performances exploring the themes of time and space. It debuted in 2005, captivating audiences with its unique portrayal of regeneration and renewal.


A Daring Act of Regeneration and Renewal

In a breathtaking sequence, the artist courageously set himself on fire using a torch, only to dash towards a pool of water where he swiftly extinguished the flames. The metamorphic display symbolized a profound rebirth, akin to emerging from a nurturing womb.


Transforming Trauma into Art: The Artist’s Motivation

The artist drew inspiration from his own life-changing experience of surviving a near-fatal accident, which left him with painful scars. Through ReBirth, he sought to express gratitude for being alive while transcending his traumatic past and embracing a fresh beginning. Moreover, the performance aimed to challenge both the artist and the audience to confront their fears and realize their untapped potential.


Mixed Reactions: Critics and Audience Response

ReBirth elicited a wide spectrum of responses from spectators and critics alike. Some hailed its originality, intensity, and sheer power, while others expressed concern over its perceived riskiness, sensationalism, and violent undertones. The performance left audiences divided, with some finding it a captivating and inspirational spectacle, and others deeming it disturbing and superfluous.


ReBirth: A Multi-faceted Exploration

This mesmerizing performance delves into various profound themes, encompassing life, death, rebirth, as well as the interplay of art, risk, and spectacle. Breaking boundaries between the natural and artificial, organic and synthetic, and human and animal, ReBirth challenges conventional notions of artistic expression.


A Ritual of Connection: Fire, Water, and Nature

Beyond mere spectacle, ReBirth invites the audience to engage in a ritual-like ceremony, forging a deep connection with the elemental forces of fire and water, and embracing the cyclic nature of existence.


Subjectivity in Art: The Freedom to Interpret

As with any art, ReBirth becomes a subjective experience for each viewer. It acts as a mirror, reflecting not only the artist’s intentions but also the individual perceptions and emotions of the audience, allowing for diverse interpretations and personal reflections.



stands as an extraordinary performance that sparks contemplation on life’s complexities and the transformative power of art. By uniting the elements of fire and water, it unites us with the eternal rhythms of nature, transcending boundaries and inviting us to embark on our unique journey of rebirth and self-discovery.

Philemon Mukarno Performance Art ReBirth (2013)'30 24 November 2013 Get Inspired Festival City Art Rotterdam Netherlands.
Philemon Mukarno Performance Art ReBirth (2013)'30 24 November 2013 Get Inspired Festival City Art Rotterdam Netherlands.

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24 november 2013


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