In-Between identities (2019)3h

Performance Opera

Project ID In-Between Identities

Group performance

July 5th 2019, 8:00 -11:00 pm at Maakhaven, 1e Lulofsdwarsstraat 60, the Hague.

With the expression performance opera, we don’t intend to define performances, which are mainly choreographed or structured a priori in every part. 

Our stance is that performance should always remain open to the unpredictability of process, even though methodologically well-reflected and organized. As it was for the alchemists engaging in their philosophical quest, a performance opera is a vision and the result of a creative process, there is the space where it takes place, the laboratory to play out new challenges.

ID In-Between Identities, 17 artists investigate and present a view on 
“identity in a globalizing society”.

Saturday February 16th 2019
Location: Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, Den Haag, Nederland

Time: 15.00

VestAndPage: Andrea Pagnes and Verena Stenke will visit us to present the cooperation project ID that will run from June 24th till July 7th in The Hague. Project ID is a temporary creative community working with global issues of ‘identity Crisis’. Together with VestAndPage we will create a visual save space to create live solo and group performances. Marilyn Arsem will be our guest artist working with VestAndPage on the project.

From the investigation of the notion of ‘identity crisis’ in our social systems, our urgency is to identify new life perspectives collectively through art and performance art-making processes. The aim is to stimulate and intertwine proactive dialogues among artists, people, and cultural communities in general, considering art as a foremost sensitizing tool of communication.
Our mission is therefore to favor independent, temporarily binding relationships among artists, people, and different cultural communities, which can lead to long-term networks existing, growing, and lasting even after the conclusion of the project itself

Danielle Brans (NL), Carmen Lafran (DE/IT), Andrea van Gelder (NL), Albert Smith (South Africa), Hsiang-Yun Huang (Taiwan), Gamze Ozturk (Turkey), Ingrid Adriaans (NL), Lise BOUCON (FR/UK), Fay Burnett (UK), Tess Martens (Canada), Philemon Mukarno (Indonesia/NL), Larysa Bauge (BY/NL), Yvette Teeuwen (NL), Carol Montealegre (Bogotá/ Colombia), Yuki Kobayashi / 小林勇輝n (Japan), Carole Novak (FR), Emilio Rojas (US), Oozing Gloop (UK).

Philemon Mukarno Performance Art In-Between identities (2019)3h Performance Opera.

Stuart Hall outlines in the essay “Cultural Identity and Diaspora” (1990) that modern identities are no longer fixed but emerge as “unstable points of identification or suture, which are made within the discourses of history and culture.” In his words, life stories are not determined exclusively by class, race, gender, and religion, but instead, there is a mixed ancestry; an identification with diversity in countries, traditions, values, and beliefs. While the raised global interactions are causing a re-evaluation of traditions and lifestyles, an awareness of individual and collective change springs from the urgency to find new modes of shaping our identities and life stories. Performativity as a language calls for continuous transformation and functions as a form of social action, while contemporary performance art as a logical art form shapes, communicates, confirms, and honors the value of different life stories in multiple contexts.

Philemon Mukarno Performance Art In-Between identities (2019)3h Performance Opera.

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