Human Installation IV (2021)'45

A Human Installation of Naked Performative Actions

The Power of Nudity in Art

Nudity is a powerful and provocative tool in art. It can challenge, confront, and inspire viewers to question their own assumptions, norms, and values. Nudity can also create a sense of intimacy, vulnerability, and authenticity among the performers and the audience.


A Collective Experiment in Naked Movement

In October 2021, six artists participated in an installation of naked performative actions at the Garage in Sundgau Sud Alsace, France. The installation was part of the EROS 24/7 festival, curated by Elias Kirsche, which explored the theme of eroticism in contemporary art. The artists were Oliver Frey, Johannes Gerard, Tobias Gürtler, Philemon Mukarno, Thomas Zollinger, and a clothed person.


The Performance: A Hypnotic and Rhythmic Display of Nudity

The concept of the installation was devised by Thomas Zollinger, who invited other artists to join him. Each artist chose a significant action that could be easily repeated for about two hours. The actions ranged from walking, crawling, spinning, lying down, and standing up, to holding objects. The performance lasted for 43 minutes and was recorded on video.



It was a fascinating and engaging experiment in collective nudity and movement. The naked performers created a contrast between the industrial setting of the Garage and the clothed person who observed them. The repetition of the actions created a hypnotic and rhythmic effect that invited the viewers to join the performers in their trance-like state.


The Dynamics: Individuality and Group Identity among the Naked Performers

The installation also explored the dynamics of individuality and group identity among the naked performers. Each performer had their own style, pace, and expression, but they also formed a cohesive and harmonious ensemble. The nakedness of the performers highlighted their similarities and differences, as well as their vulnerability and strength.


The Artistic Vision and Courage of the Performers and the Creative Potential of Nudity

Human was a testament to the artistic vision and courage of the performers, who dared to expose themselves in a public space and create a dialogue with the viewers. The installation was also a tribute to the creative potential and diversity of nudity in art. Nudity can be more than just a shock factor or a gimmick; it can be a way of expressing oneself, communicating with others, and exploring new possibilities.

Sundgau Sud Alsace F Garage 18/10/2021

An installation of performative actions. Everybody choose a significant action which can be easily repeated. Evaluation about two hours. Performance duration 43 minutes. The video shows an excerpt.

Performance: Oliver Frey, Johannes Gerard, Tobias Gürtler, Philemon Mukarno, Thomas Zollinger and a clothed person.

Concept: Thomas Zollinger.

Context: EROS 24/7, 14.-22.2021, Concept Elias Kirsche.

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