Seed (2023)

Territori Festival

Territori festival is an annual event that celebrates Performance Art in Ibiza, Spain. Curated by Isa Sanz. The festival features a diverse range of performances, workshops, and exhibitions that explore themes of identity, culture, and social justice. The workshop featured at the festival is the “Poetics of the subsoil” workshop, taught by Marina Barsy Janer and Isil Sol Vil.



Philemon Mukarno, Andrea Larrea, Sílvia Antolín, elisELIS, Felipe González, Javiera Paz Rojas, Jèssica Ferrer, Lucia Benguria and Milagros Ortuño Lopez.


Marina Barsy Janer and Isil Sol Vil

Blossoming Nature: A Performance of Growth and Harmony

Embracing Nature’s Embrace

In the performance ‘Seed,’ Philemon Mukarno embodies the journey of a seed buried in the earth, emerging as a plant to nurture and harmonize the natural world. The captivating narrative unfolds as a powerful metaphor for the interconnectedness of all life forms, urging us to preserve and respect nature’s delicate balance. Mukarno uses his body, voice, and props to create a stunning visual and auditory experience, immersing the audience in the beauty and diversity of nature.


Nurturing Growth Through Art

Mukarno’s mesmerizing portrayal in ‘Seed’ encapsulates the essence of creative expression, urging the audience to reflect on their role in safeguarding the environment. The performance serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of art in fostering a deeper connection with nature and inspiring positive change. Mukarno demonstrates how art can be a tool for raising awareness, educating, and engaging people in environmental issues, as well as a source of joy and wonder.

Photos by: Anita de Austria

Harmonizing Humanity and the Environment

Through the evocative performance in ‘Seed,’ Mukarno ignites a profound sense of responsibility towards environmental conservation. The seamless fusion of artistic brilliance and ecological advocacy in the performance resonates with the audience, igniting a collective commitment to preserving the splendor of the natural world. Mukarno shows how human actions can have both positive and negative impacts on the environment, and how we can choose to act in harmony with nature rather than against it.



Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow

The performance in ‘Seed’ serves as a catalyst for igniting a collective consciousness towards sustainable living and environmental stewardship. Mukarno’s artistic rendition encapsulates the urgency of nurturing and safeguarding the planet, propelling the audience to embrace eco-friendly practices and contribute to a flourishing future. Mukarno invites us to join him in his vision of a greener tomorrow, where nature is valued, respected, and celebrated.

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