Naked butoh dance performance by Philemon Mukarno
Naked butoh dance performance by Philemon Mukarno
Naked butoh dance performance by Philemon Mukarno

Unleashing the Spirit of Nature: Naked Dance Performance

Butoh Z

is a naked butoh dance performance that takes place outdoors in nature. It tells the story of a shaman who has become a condor, a spiritual flight. He flies over the sacred mountains to meet the gods. Philemon Mukarno is completely naked, without clothes, as a holy being.


Challenges the conventional norms of beauty

modesty, and morality by exposing the naked body in its raw and vulnerable state. The nudity of the dancer is not meant to be erotic or provocative, but rather to express the essence of his being, stripped of all social and cultural masks. The nudity also connects him to nature, as he becomes one with the elements, the animals, and the spirits.



Is inspired by ancient cultures, especially the Nazca civilization, which created huge geoglyphs on the desert floor that can only be seen from above. These lines depict animals, plants, and geometric shapes, and are believed to have religious or astronomical significance. The dancer embodies the condor, a sacred bird that symbolizes power, freedom, and transcendence in Andean mythology. He flies over the Nazca lines as a way of communicating with the gods and honoring their creation.

Butoh Z - A Naked Dance Performance by Philemon Mukarno

Butoh Z is a unique and daring performance that invites the audience to witness a mystical journey of transformation and discovery. It is a celebration of life, death, and rebirth through the medium of butoh dance.

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