Group Performance


IPA The Hauge 2017

This year, the esteemed P.S. Foundation cordially invited prominent coaches to conduct a series of masterclasses dedicated to the field of performance art. Jürgen Fritz represents the esteemed IPA (International Performance Association), while BBB Johannes Deimling takes the spotlight for PAS (Performance Art Studies). Both individuals bring their unique approaches to live art, introducing new and contrasting styles to provide a comprehensive learning experience. During the upcoming P.S. events, they shall share the podium and collaborate for the first time, creating a great opportunity for attendees to witness this unprecedented and exceptional partnership. The formal tone of this message aims to convey the importance and significance of this event, showcasing the professionalism and excellence of the foundation and the participating coaches.

The performance art will be explored from the point of view of the poetics. How can we make something poetic visible? The quality of the subject might be ALLURING, SENSITIVE, SOFT or, on the contrary, HEAVY, DRAMATIC and DARK. At the same time, the poetry of the topic might be humorous and absurd, gloomy and obscure or light and ephemeral. For the shows P.S. selected pieces where the poetic is reflected in a deep personal approach and the most sincere means of expression.

Presenting performance art pieces to the public is important, but it is also necessary to EXCHANGE and GATHER IDEAS. That’s why we introduce a Thought Wall . The opnions and reflections of the visitors will be collected and put on the wall to serve as an inspiration for the festival participants.

Also AFTER-MORNING-Presentations, Talks and Discussions will take place, so that the artists can be asked about their works and the direct contact between the performers and the audience can be established.

5th till 9th of July 2017

Quartair, Toussaintkade 55, The Hauge, Netherlands

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