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Eros Duo: Unveiling Boundaries - Exploring Naked Performance Art

Naked performance art, a boundary-defying form of artistic expression, pushes the limits of social norms and aesthetics. It captivates audiences by exposing the human body in its raw and unadorned state. Philemon Mukarno and Thomas Zollinger, two daring artists, are at the forefront of this captivating movement, fearlessly challenging conventions.


Meet the Visionaries: Philemon Mukarno and Thomas Zollinger

Hailing from the Netherlands, Philemon Mukarno is a live body performance artist with an extensive international portfolio. He skillfully employs sound, video, installation, and sculpture to craft his mesmerizing performances. Meanwhile, Thomas Zollinger, a Swiss artist, is an unwavering advocate for nudity in art. He is the visionary behind the Naked Projects Network, which fosters a platform for like-minded artists and enthusiasts.


The Vision Behind Naked Performance Art

Philemon Mukarno and Thomas Zollinger perceive naked performance art as a powerful tool to explore the intricate connections between the body, the space, and the spectators. Their art seeks to challenge the audience’s preconceptions, emotions, and judgments, all the while shattering taboos and stereotypes surrounding nudity. In their bold strokes, they redefine the human body as a symbol of beauty, strength, and liberation.

Unveiling their Powerful Works

Their latest creation, Eros Duo, showcased a mesmerizing duo performance at Sundgau Sud Alsace F Garage on 18/10/2021, as part of the groundbreaking EROS 24/7 project initiated by Elias Kirsche. The artists fearlessly intertwined their naked bodies, exploring an array of shapes and movements while tenderly caressing and kissing each other. The raw performance, captured in a 43-minute film, took place within the confines of an empty garage.

Additionally, Eros Trio, a captivating collaboration with Elisabeth Schär, featured the artists creating evocative forms and movements amidst a natural setting, embraced by trees and grass. This compelling performance, also under the umbrella of the EROS 24/7 project, challenged norms and left audiences in awe.


The Aspirations Behind Their Bold Artistry

Philemon Mukarno and Thomas Zollinger aspire to spark meaningful dialogues about the true essence and significance of nudity. Their work stands as a powerful antidote to the commodification and objectification of the human body in modern culture. They strive to present their art as a respectful, authentic, and inspiring medium, urging society to embrace nudity beyond its commercial and pornographic depictions.

To delve deeper into their compelling work, visit their websites at and Engage with their thought-powerful videos on Vimeo. Experience the captivating world of naked performance art, where boundaries are shattered, and creativity knows no bounds. Thank you for immersing yourself in this riveting exploration of Eros Duo and the world of naked performance art.

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