Hoogtij#57 (2017) 5h

Naked in Public: A Bold Performance Art at Trixie

What is naked in public performance art?

Nudity is a powerful form of expression that can challenge, provoke, and inspire. It can also be a way of reclaiming one’s body, identity, and freedom. That’s why some artists choose to perform naked in public, exposing themselves to the gaze and judgment of others.


How did the performance at Trixie happen?

One of the most daring examples of this kind of performance art took place at Trixie, a cultural space in The Hague, Netherlands. On November 26, 2017, eight performers stripped off their clothes and staged a nude group performance as part of Hoogtij, a quarterly cultural event that showcases contemporary art in various locations.

The performers were: Philemon Mukarno, Jolanda Jansen, Larissa Bauge, Yvette Teeuwen, Sandra Stanionyte, Sarah Atzori, Andrea Van Gelder, Anik ten Have. They are the gemstones of the Dutch performance art scene. The event was organized by Larissa Bauge They have been experimenting with nudity, body art, and live art for years, creating works that explore themes such as sexuality, vulnerability, intimacy, and resistance.


What did the performance look like?

At Trixie was also visible from the outside because there were large windows. The audience could watch the performers move, interact, and pose in different configurations, creating dynamic compositions with their bodies. The performance was silent, except for the sounds of breathing, footsteps, and occasional whispers.


What was the purpose of the performance?

It was not meant to be erotic or sensationalist. Rather, it was an artistic statement that challenged the norms and expectations of society. By exposing their nakedness in public, the performers questioned the notions of shame, privacy, and beauty. They also invited the audience to reflect on their own relationship with their body and their environment.


What are the challenges and benefits of naked in public performance art?

Being naked in public performance art is not for everyone. It can be controversial, uncomfortable, and even illegal in some places. But it can also be a powerful and inspiring form of art that challenges us to think differently about ourselves and others. It can also be a way of celebrating our humanity and diversity in all its forms.

Ongoing performance ORGY🔥🔥🔥(however you imagine it) of the gemstones of Dutch performance art scene or 7 reasons to go to Trixie (and stay for quite some time) cause it’s gonna be juicy!!!
Hoogtij#57. It was an amazingly powerful, truly transforming experience! With all the cutting off clothes, blood coming from under a breathing mask, lief-blower in your faces, bodies colored by charcoal and confetti, unpredictable primal almost ethnic sounds in loops you created a true art piece, true performance!
@hoogtijdenhaag starts 18:00-19:00 at @trixie_thehague Join us for drinks and see the group performance by:

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