Equinox (2023) '60

The Equinox is a unique day of global action that celebrates freedom and equality. It occurs twice a year, around March and September when the day and night are of equal length worldwide. To mark this occasion, people come together in public spaces to perform and express themselves through various forms of art. This creates a global community that promotes non-violent expression and acknowledges the diversity of individuals and their circumstances. The Equinox encourages openness and solidarity, bringing people closer together and fostering collaborations without any predetermined agenda. It is a beautiful celebration of equality, freedom, and creativity that unites people worldwide.

photography: Nico Parlevliet
Equinox was organized by 222lodge  in cooperation with: equinox2equinox.org

A Global Performance Art Event in Dordrecht

‘Equinox – same but different’ is an international project that celebrates freedom and connectivity through performance art. On moments when the duration of day and night is approximately equal worldwide, synchronized actions are organized in different cities. Last Sunday, the Hof van Nederland in Dordrecht was the venue for this event. Luckily, we still have the footage.


History and Concept of Equinox

Its takes place twice a year, usually around March 20th and September 21st. In the spirit of cosmic equality, the event is a global connection for people who act together in public space. The intention is to bring artists and enthusiasts closer together across different locations in the world by sharing time and space. The event has been organized since 2016, starting in Belfast as a result of a symposium. It has now taken place in over 45 cities across 30 countries, from Gothenburg to Bangkok. It has also been held in countries where freedom is not a given and basic human rights are violated through repression. The freedom and openness of using public space as a social and political realm are therefore important underlying concepts. The period of COVID-19 quarantine has added additional significance to this.


Artists and the Venue of Equinox

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, about twenty artists gather by invitation of the artist initiative 222Lodge, which has taken on the organization. The courtyard in the historical center of the country’s oldest city, where the Hof van Nederland museum is also located, is a public space with specific characteristics. Artists from different parts of the country have traveled to Dordrecht for this occasion.


Actions and the Atmosphere of Equinox

After a preparatory central moment, the artists take their positions in the square to perform their individual actions continuously and simultaneously from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. Some artists approach each other and collaborate or interact. Others have obstructed their own vision or chosen a different form of self-isolation. From a distance, it appears as an enclosed exercise yard of a psychiatric institution. The recently awarded film ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ comes to mind, but perhaps the other Oscar-winning classic ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ from 1975 is even more applicable.


Audience and the Documentation of Equinox

The audience consists of individuals who voluntarily attended the event and accidental passersby who cautiously or boldly cross the square to reach the other side. Slowly, the rain starts pouring harder, but most artists remain undeterred and continue their performances. Participating artist Gerwin Luijendijk walks around with a phone, maintaining a live video connection with his parents, who provide live commentary on the footage. Most artists immerse themselves in their own work and have no idea what the other performers are doing. Only the documented material can fill this gap.

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