Trio Performance

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Ieva Brikė

Ieva Brikė

Trio Performance: A Naked Exploration of the Poetic in Performance Art

The participation in the IPA The Hague festival in 2017, was a collaboration between IPA (International Performance Association), P.S. (Performance Site) and PAS (Performance Art Studies). This festival focused on the theme of “the poetic in performance art”, and invited prominent coaches and artists to conduct workshops, performances, talks, and discussions.

One of the performances that Mukarno presented at the festival was called “Trio Performance”, which he performed with Carol Montealegre and Ieva Brikė. The performance involved explicit nudity, as the three performers explored the poetic qualities of their bodies, actions, and objects in relation to each other and the space.

The Meaning of Nudity in Performance Art

Nudity is a common element in performance art, especially in live art and body art. Nudity can have different meanings and functions depending on the context, intention and interpretation of the performance. Some of the possible meanings are:

– Nudity can be a way of exposing the vulnerability, fragility and mortality of the human body.
– Nudity can be a way of challenging the norms, taboos and expectations of society regarding sexuality, gender and identity.
– Nudity can be a way of reclaiming the autonomy, agency and power of the body from oppression, exploitation and objectification.
– Nudity can be a way of creating intimacy, empathy and connection with the audience and other performers.
– Nudity can be a way of expressing the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the body.
– Nudity can be a way of transcending the boundaries between self and other, human and nature, reality and fantasy.

The Poetic Aspects of Trio Performance

Mukarno, Montealegre and Brikė used nudity as a way of exploring the poetic aspects of their performance. Some of these aspects are:

– The performers used repetition, rhythm and contrast to create a dynamic flow of movement and sound.
– The performers used symbolism and metaphor to create meaning and associations with their actions and objects.
– The performers used text and voice to create layers of communication and expression.
– The performers used space and time to create tension and suspense.
– The performers used interaction and improvisation to create spontaneity and surprise.

The Audience’s Reaction to Trio Performance

This Performance was a daring performance that challenged the audience’s perception and comfort. Some of the possible reactions are:

– The audience might feel curious, intrigued or fascinated by the nudity and creativity of the performance.
– The audience might feel empathetic, compassionate or connected by the nudity, intimacy and vulnerability of the performance.
– The audience might feel inspired, moved or transformed by the nudity and poetics of the performance.


It was a naked exploration of the poetic in performance art by Philemon Mukarno, Carol Montealegre and Ieva Brikė. The performance was part of the IPA The Hague festival in 2017, which celebrated freedom and connectivity through live art. The performance used nudity as a way of expressing different meanings and functions through their bodies, actions and objects. The performance also created different reactions among the audience members who witnessed it.

IPA The Hauge 2017

This year P.S. Foundation invited the most prominent coaches to conduct a series of masterclasses dedicated to performance art. Jürgen Fritz represents IPA (International Performance Association), while BBB Johannes Deimling is the main figure of PAS (Performance Art Studies). The two platforms introduce contrasting approaches to live art. During the P.S. events, they will share the podium and collaborate for the FIRST time!!!

The performance art will be explored from the point of view of the poetics. How can we make something poetic visible? The quality of the subject might be ALLURING, SENSITIVE, SOFT or, on the contrary, HEAVY, DRAMATIC and DARK. At the same time, the poetry of the topic might be humorous and absurd, gloomy and obscure or light and ephemeral. For the shows P.S. selected pieces where the poetic is reflected in a deep personal approach and the most sincere means of expression.

Presenting performance art pieces to the public is important, but it is also necessary to EXCHANGE and GATHER IDEAS. That’s why we introduce a Thought Wall . The opnions and reflections of the visitors will be collected and put on the wall to serve as an inspiration for the festival participants.

Also AFTER-MORNING-Presentations, Talks and Discussions will take place, so that the artists can be asked about their works and the direct contact between the performers and the audience can be established.

5th till 9th of July 2017

Quartair, Toussaintkade 55, The Hauge, Netherlands

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