two naked body's covered with black ballons

Take my Breath (2020) '15

A Breath-taking Naked on Stage Performance Art at A'DAM Tower

Take My Breath is a performance by two artists, Danielle Brans and Philemon Mukarno. The performance on a stage, wearing nothing but black balloons that hide your naked bodies. As the balloons pop on each other, slowly uncover your nudity but also deprive the performers of the air they need to breathe. The performance is a symbol of the contradictory nature of love and relationships, where one can give and take life at the same time.


Where Did Take my Breath Happen?

The performance took place at A’DAM Tower, a 22-floor landmark building that offers a variety of creative and entertainment venues. The tower has a rooftop observation deck, where you can also try Europe’s highest swing, Over The Edge. The tower also features a boutique hotel, a nightclub, a revolving restaurant and several bars. A’DAM Tower is a hub for music and creativity, where many young and innovative companies have their offices.


How Did Take my Breath Feel?

The performance was an immersive and emotional experience for both the performers and the audience. Philemon and Danielle burst the balloons on each other, you made a loud and rhythmic sound that contrasted with the silence of the spectators. The balloons also created a visual effect of black confetti falling on the stage, adding to the drama and suspense of the performance. As you revealed more and more of your bodies, you also revealed more and more of your feelings, creating a connection with each other and with the audience. The performance ended with both of you fully naked, holding each other in a tender embrace.


What Does Take my Breath Mean?

This is a performance that challenges the conventional notions of nudity, art and intimacy. By stripping off your clothes and your inhibitions, you showed your courage and authenticity as artists and as human beings. By sharing your breath and your emotions, you showed your vulnerability and trust as lovers and as partners. By inviting the audience to witness your nakedness and your relationship, you showed your generosity and openness as performers and as creators. Take My Breath is a performance that celebrates life, love, and art in its purest forms.



Naked on Stage is a project that aims to explore the human condition through the medium of nudity and performance art. Take my Breath is one of the most remarkable performances of this project, which happened at A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam in 2020. The performance was a powerful and poetic expression of love, intimacy and vulnerability, that left a lasting impression on everyone who saw it.

two naked body's covered with black ballons

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