Sculpture Park (2019)3h

Philemon Mukarno Performance Art Sculpture Park (2019)1h P.S. – Performance Site, Den Hague, Netherlands

We research and experiment with the idea of sculpture as a source for performance concepts and ideas. Still-Life Performance, Slowmotion Performance, Endurance Performance, Sculpture Performances are terms that will lead us into a field where we try to condense artistic ideas into one performance image, situation, or moment. What is needed and important to make a performative sculpture and where are the possibilities and challenges are questions which we will address in the workshop time. How does space, material, time, and as well action generate and condense a vivid artistic idea into one performance image, one performance moment? And how we can make use of the knowledge from Greek sculpture to contemporary positions? We will experiment with time and materials and see how far we can bring the idea of sculpture into performance art practice.

At the end of this research, we will present the performance sculptures in a public event called “Sculpture Park” in which the audience is free to roam in space and discover the processes of the different sculptures. We will finish the workshop with a reflection.

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