Eros Trio Performance (2021) '21

Eros Trio Performance: Embracing Nakedness in an Unforgettable Celebration of Love and Nature

Naked performance art

Naked performance art is a bold form of expression. It defies norms and explores themes like identity, sexuality, freedom, and vulnerability. It uses the body as a powerful medium to connect with nature and express love.


A shining example of this captivating artistry is the Eros Trio

A brilliant example of this art is the Eros Trio, by three amazing artists – Philemon Mukarno, Thomas Zollinger, and Elisabeth Schär. They performed outside the city, surrounded by nature, using their bodies to create shapes and movements. They embraced, kissed, and caressed each other with passion and tenderness. The natural setting of trees and grass added a magical touch, enhancing the experience for them and the audience.


An integral part of the ambitious EROS 24/7 project

This was part of a bigger project called EROS 24/7, a wonderful initiative that celebrated love in all its forms and expressions. The artists wanted to challenge society’s views and start a conversation on love, intimacy, and vulnerability. Their naked display of affection was more than eroticism, it was a celebration of the body’s beauty and its harmony with nature.


At its heart

The performance art of Eros Trio showed the deep link between love and nature. It reminded us that we are part of the environment and that embracing this link can help us understand ourselves and our role in the world. The artists’ expression of love through nakedness revealed the authenticity and vulnerability that comes with being fully exposed – physically and emotionally.


Within the unfiltered portrayal of human emotions

The audience saw a genuine and raw portrayal of human feelings, with every gesture and kiss expressing the complexity of love. Eros Trio invited the viewers to experience love in a way that went beyond taboos and norms, making them question their own ideas and values about intimacy and nakedness.


Eros Trio’s impact stretched far beyond mere spectacle;

Naked performance art like Eros Trio is not about shock or sensation. It is about courage, vulnerability, and self-awareness. The performers’ exposure to their bodies and emotions showed their dedication to their art and their belief in love as a universal force.


This mesmerizing performance

Eros Trio left a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. They stimulated thought and reflection, encouraging viewers to accept their own vulnerabilities and connect with nature in a deeper and more meaningful way. This powerful performance art proved that the body is not something to hide but rather a source of pride and joy.

Concept & Camera: Johannes Gerard

Performance art: Philemon Mukarno, Thomas Zollinger and Elisabeth Schär.

Context: EROS 24/7 by Elias Kirsche

"Explore the profound spiritual significance of nudity in performance art. Artists use vulnerability to reveal divinity, challenge separation, and awaken spiritual connections."

The act of going nude on stage holds deep spiritual connotations, purity, truth, and the unification of body, mind, and spirit. By shedding societal constructs and materiality, performers embark on a journey to reveal the divine essence within themselves and others, seeking to access heightened states of consciousness.

Performance art, a creative medium, conveys spiritual experiences, forging a profound audience connection. Nudity becomes a symbolic act of transcendence, recognizing inherent divinity. Artists courageously challenge the illusion of self-divine separation, prompting audience introspection and deeper spiritual connections.

The impact of nudity in spiritual performance art extends beyond the surface, reaching into the depths of human consciousness.

For performers, the act of being nude on stage becomes an act of vulnerability that unveils their true selves and connects them to a higher spiritual plane. Audiences, too, experience a transcendent awakening as they bear witness to this raw and unfiltered expression of the human spirit.

In this captivating intersection of vulnerability and spirituality, performers and audiences alike are invited to embrace their authentic selves, dismantling barriers that separate them from the divine. Nudity in performance art becomes a conduit for shared spiritual experiences, fostering a profound connection that resonates long after the curtains close. As artists continue to explore the spiritual depths of performance art, the act of nudity on stage will remain a powerful symbol of divine revelation, transcending boundaries and awakening spiritual connections. In this transcendent dance between vulnerability and spirituality, performance art becomes a sacred space where the human spirit soars, leaving a transformative impact on both the artists and those who bear witness to this extraordinary and soul-stirring form of expression.

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