Philemon Mukarno Performance Artist Body live art

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Monday 6 December 2021 / 20:00
Duration: 30 min.


SyndiKate Volksroom

Bergensesteenweg / chaussee de mons 33B,

1070 Anderlecht


After graduating and working for years as a composer, he encountered another dimension in his self, driven by something deep and powerful. He expresses this in an art form so-called Performance Art/Live Art/Body Art.

It is an investigation of the body in order to address the subconscious. A deepening of his consciousness. The art brings him closer to his own body and to the awareness of my own thoughts and processes. Articulating this awareness through performance helps to uncover his connection to the environment, the earth and to my ancestors.

In a society full of traps to confuse, numb and desensitize, his work uses and acknowledges the density and complexity of the human structure by exploring its innards, its thought processes, its energy, and its capacity for life: Blood, naked body, sexuality, gender, fetishes, water, organs, bones, energy, thought. He projects shapes from within.

The work is deliberately dark, vulnerable and often sensual. The hope is to destroy frameworks that have warped my body and self-image as a way to repair and prepare for a new beginning.


Philemon Mukarno is one of the most original Dutch composers of the young generation. His work is utterly uncompromising and characterized by a very strong sense of esthetics and individual style. His music is immediately recognizable, and no matter if he writes for traditional instruments or highly unusual setups, acoustic or electronic, and no matter if the composition is highly complex and virtuosic or carried by great simplicity, Philemon manages to convey a high level of excitement and a monolithic aura at all times. I have worked with Philemon and have heard a great many of his works in concert, and I have never been disappointed. 

‘very strong sense of esthetics and individual style’

Philemon is a composer of contemporary music. As someone who was born in Indonesia and studied western music and has a music career in the west, made ​​Philemon as a unique composer in contemporary music. He has found his own musical language, Meaning and Form are to be the primary basis in its composition. Philemon’s works include a variety of media: electronic music, electro-acoustic music, gamelan music, ensemble, symphony, multimedia, music for dance, film and theater. It was an incredible composer!

‘An incredible Artist!’