Omni Genderosity (2017)'25

Philemon Mukarno Performance Art Omni Genderosity(2017)'25 Performance Bar, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Omni-Genderosity is a protest against gender discrimination and sexual orientation. Society fails to take into account the biological sex, sexual feelings present ourself in spiritually as human beings.
These things are in a sense amputated [not seen]. Since we cannot express these things, we remain trapped in our own minds and body. We are forced to adapt our sexuality and gender to the expectations of society [for career, prestige, etc.].The response to this oppression/suppression is to be genderless and asexual. When there is no difference anymore between man and woman, there is also no possibility for discrimination. If you have nothing, you have everything. You are both man and woman. You are multigender and multisexual.

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