Omni Genderosity (2017)'25

Philemon Mukarno Performance Art Omni Genderosity(2017)'25 Performance Bar, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Omni-generosity is a powerful movement, a clarion call to challenge society’s traditional notions about gender and sexual orientation. It speaks out against the insidious practices of gender discrimination and marginalization of those with different sexual orientations. It is a rebellion against the blinkered view of society, which completely ignores the very basic biological realities of human beings – our gender, our sexuality – which are an intrinsic part of our spiritual essence. Our sexuality and our gender are often suppressed and amputated, causing us to remain trapped in our own minds and bodies, unable to express our true selves. Society imposes its expectations on us, forcing us to adopt gender and sexuality that conform to career and societal expectations, which is essentially oppression.

Omni-generosity is the response to this oppression; a powerful call to action for all to embrace the idea of gender fluidity and non-binary sexuality. It envisions a world where differences between men and women are blurred, making discrimination impossible. The concept highlights the power of being genderless and asexual – one can be both man and woman; multigender and multisexual, defying all traditional labels and hierarchies. With omni-generosity, the possibilities for personal and societal freedom are endless, where equality is celebrated and all individuals enjoy the same rights and opportunities.

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