Cells (2022) '7"21

Video Performance

Colone, Germany

June 2022


In the realm of spirituality

The journey of the lioness and the soul’s quest for liberation and enlightenment. The savannah is the vast expanse of consciousness, where each being roams freely in their natural state of awareness and connection to the divine.


The lioness embodies the individual soul, initially living in harmony with the divine order, represented by her pride and the balance of nature. However, the unexpected capture by the poachers signifies the traps of material desires, ego, and attachments that can ensnare the soul, leading it away from its true essence.

Confinement of the physical world

The cell where the lioness finds herself trapped in the confinement of the physical world and the limitations of mundane existence. In this state, the soul may feel disoriented, disconnected, and longing for its higher purpose, yearning to return to its spiritual home.

Cells Performance Art Philemon Mukarno

The people represent divine messengers or spiritual guides, who help awaken the soul from its slumber and aid in its liberation. They represent the grace and guidance that come to support the seeker on their path to freedom and self-realization.


The lioness’s return to the savannah is the soul’s journey back to its original state of awareness and unity with the divine. It signifies the awakening of spiritual consciousness, where the soul rediscovers its inner strength, purpose, and divine heritage.


The lion meets the lioness upon her return. The higher self or the divine aspect within every individual. It is the majestic and powerful part of the soul that recognizes its counterpart, the lioness, and embraces her as a kindred spirit. The union of the lion and the lioness represents the integration of the individual soul with the divine, achieving a harmonious balance between the material and spiritual aspects of existence.

Cells Performance Art Philemon Mukarno  


Ultimately, depicted in this story conveys the idea that every soul’s ultimate purpose is to break free from the traps of worldly attachments and return to its divine essence. Through inner strength, resilience, and guidance from spiritual sources, the soul embarks on a transformative journey to reunite with its true nature and reclaim its inherent freedom and spiritual majesty. This journey represents the eternal dance of the soul seeking its source, ever guided by the divine presence within and without, finding fulfillment and purpose in its spiritual home.


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