Duif Akkerhuis
Loeki van der Horst

In a whole other dimension where opposites attract just as much as they don’t, there are two pills: the red pill (der lipl) and the blue pill (elub lipl). These two are both in their own world not knowing how much they are alike. They’re a reference from the well-known film ‘The Matrix’ transformed into a whole new point of view. They both need each other to survive and to live. Black-and-white thinking becomes more neutral and love will be found in reflecting on each other’s projection. Everything in the world is connected and works together to form bonds, opinions and ideologies. The blue pill is naive while the red pill fires their emotions. Unresolved trauma will get projected onto one another and we miss the parts that connect us. We have the ‘good’ in the ‘bad’ and the ‘bad’ in the ‘good’. Rethink, reflect.

Making of Ferceltie

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