Transition (2021)'15

Transition: A Naked Performance Art by Philemon Mukarno

Philemon Mukarno is a live body performance artist living in the Netherlands. He has performed in various festivals and events around the world, exploring themes such as identity, sexuality, spirituality, and social issues. One of his recent works is Transition, a naked performance art that he performed at the But Film Festival 2021 in Breda, The Netherlands.


The Concept of Transition

Transition is a performance art that reflects on the indoctrination of religion in Mukarno’s childhood and his desire to break free from it. He uses his naked body as a canvas to stamp religious symbols in black ink, covering himself with different signs of faith. He then lies down on the ground, creating an imprint of his body on the floor. Finally, he washes himself with holy water, cleansing his body and soul from the traces of religion.


The Power of Nudity

Mukarno’s use of nudity in his performance art is not meant to shock or provoke, but to express his emotions and connect with his audience. He believes that nudity is a natural and honest state of being, that reveals the essence of a person without any masks or pretenses. He also challenges the norms and taboos that surround nudity in society, especially in relation to religion. By exposing his naked body, he exposes his vulnerability and invites the viewers to empathize with his journey.


 The Impact of Transition

Transition is a performance art that invites reflection and dialogue about the role of religion in one’s life and society. It also celebrates the freedom and diversity of human expression, regardless of one’s beliefs or background. It is a bold and brave statement that questions the status quo and inspires change.

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