War Flowers

(2018) 2h

December 1st 14.00 – 16.00 International Live Event outdoor Location December 1st: Het Lange Voorhout

In Time! It is about experiencing the present moment, we offer a temporary respite at the hectic pace of our modern life and reflect on how we deal with our time.
It is rare for us to give ourselves the time to think about time as an idea in our daily lives,
as a structure that determines what we do, to consider that time is how we measure our success and our failures; time is the characteristic of both the beginning and the end of our lives.

Time can be considered, reconsidered, accumulated and broken down, return and being deleted.
Time can be approached in different ways: personal, methodical or scientific. With a poetic, practical, playful or meditative approach.
You can measure time by, for example; to look at material processes of growth and decay, with mechanical devices, through the mind, with the body, or regarding to specific actions. We are inspired by Marilyn Arsem; 100 Ways Considering Time. In which she spent a hundred days in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, together with the public, for a period of 6 hours, exploring the nature of time.


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