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This video performance is a process of situating myself and my artistic practice in the so-called “Beras”. The world is a terrible mess. It is toxic, irradiated, and full of injustice. I aim to not cause suffering, destruction, death, but simply by living, buying things, throwing them away, I have a terrible effect on ecosystem. I am a detective that discovers to be a criminal and so is my artistic practice. 

What is the role of my artistic practice in the present time? 

Can art change the world? 

Can I through my artistic practice notice the world meaning to practice responsibility? If I am a criminal, how big crime commits my performance? Is my performance dangerous? 

Can I through my performance learn how to stay with the trouble of living and dying together on a damaged Earth? 

Can provide the means to building more liveable futures?

In this short film by Philemon Mukarno, Beras (-rice-) is the metaphor for the soul development of mankind. We see a person when he is stripped of the social goals and expectations – when that is developed – the original development of the individual soul begins to become visible. This is accompanied by complete loneliness. The outside world no longer seems to exist, but appears dead. However: There are grains of rice on the path of life. These are also noticed by the well-observing, searching, yet a naked lonely person. He picks them up and continues to look for them. Rice represents food. Rice is sprouted from the plant that thrives in the water. Water: never standing still by nature, always moving. But the seeds that have become grains of rice first had to be removed from the plant by humans and processed.

 That means that the main character in the film has found a bond with the human environment. This gives renewed strength. An open connection is initiated. When the rice will also be eaten, the body will also be nourished and thus enables this person to embrace life again with renewed inner strength. He will be able to connect. And therefore in the long run also be able to share his developed soul power itself with the seeking fellow man. The fellow man must first be found again. Rice grains, so small, but as far back as one can look into human history, a food source. Based on genetic research, it has been determined that it is single domestication between 13.500 and 8200 years ago. This is consistent with archaeological finds that place domestication in the Yangtze valley around this time.

REWIND ART #20 : Performance Art Festival


Shoutout to all artist enthusiasts and General Public

What is Rewind Art❓
Rewind Art is an annual agenda by the Students Association of Fine Arts Education, Universitas Negeri Jakarta. Which aims to accommodate art activists and the general public to gather to discuss issues that occurred in the past year, which is packed with Performance Art by local and International artists.

Rewind Art merupakan agenda tahunan oleh Himpunan Mahasiswa Pendidikan Seni Rupa, Universitas Negeri Jakarta. yang bertujuan mewadahi para pegiat seni dan masyarakat umum untuk berkumpul membahas mengenai isu yang terjadi dalam satu tahun terakhir, yang  dikemas dengan Seni Performance oleh Seniman Lokal dan International.



Rewind Art Community presents the 20th art performance festival with the theme :




Events at REWIND ART #20:
1. Public lecture on performance art
2. Performance by participating artists
3. Video Screening of performance art
4. Artist Talk



    【Public Lecture】 

Opening on Saturday with a special guest lecturer:
👨🏻‍🎨 Kelvin Atmadibrata (@kelvinatmadibrata)

👩🏻‍🎨 Aprina Murwanti (@aprina)

And the Rewind Art #20 event curator:
👨🏻‍🎨Ridwan Rau Rau (@ridwanrau_rau)

short nude film by Philemon Mukarno, Beras (-rice-) the metaphor for the soul development of mankind
short nude film by Philemon Mukarno, Beras (-rice-) the metaphor for the soul development of mankind
short nude film by Philemon Mukarno, Beras (-rice-) the metaphor for the soul development of mankind
short nude film by Philemon Mukarno, Beras (-rice-) the metaphor for the soul development of mankindPhilemon Mukarno Performance Art video Beras (2018)’12

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