Eros (2021) video performance

Video performance of Philemon Mukarno
Camera: Johannes Gerard


EROS 24/7, a seven days concept by Elias Kirsche 14-22 Oct 2021

Eros: Embracing Vulnerability & Exploring the Art of Naked Video Performances with Philemon Mukarno

In the realm of performance art, few artists challenge conventions as boldly as Philemon Mukarno. With his groundbreaking naked video performances, Mukarno pushes boundaries and explores the profound impact of nudity on screen. Embracing vulnerability as a powerful artistic tool, he captivates audiences worldwide through his thought-provoking and boundary-pushing works.


Unveiling Nudity on Screen:

Philemon Mukarno fearlessly exposes his naked body in front of the camera, merging the human form with technology. He transforms the concept of nudity from a taboo to a symbol of raw human expression. Through his performances, Mukarno aims to question societal norms, challenging viewers to confront their perceptions of the human body and its innate beauty.


Beyond Sensationalism:

While some may perceive Mukarno’s art as sensationalism, it goes much deeper. Each performance holds a profound message, addressing issues of identity, gender, and society’s preconceived notions. His work encourages introspection and dialogue, transcending the boundaries of mere shock value.


The Power of Vulnerability:

By baring it all on screen, Mukarno creates an intense connection with his audience. His performances exude authenticity, reminding us that vulnerability is a strength. In embracing his nakedness, he encourages viewers to accept and celebrate their own imperfections, promoting a sense of empowerment.



As with any art, Mukarno’s work has not been without controversy. Some critics argue that his performances are too profound, crossing the line into gratuitous nudity. Yet, the artist remains steadfast, asserting that his intention is to challenge norms and provoke thought, not to sensationalize.


Global Impact and Recognition:

Despite the controversy, Mukarno’s work has gained international recognition. His performances have been featured in prestigious art galleries and renowned festivals, solidifying his place in the contemporary art scene. His unique approach to nudity on screen has sparked conversations worldwide, enriching the discourse on modern art. Philemon Mukarno’s naked video performances serve as a testament to the power of vulnerability and human expression. Through his art, he invites viewers to confront their preconceptions and embrace the beauty of authenticity. While controversy may surround his work, its impact on the global art community is undeniable. Mukarno’s artistic journey continues to push the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable, leaving a lasting impression on the world of performance art.

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