Philemon Mukarno perform naked involves him entangling his body with thick iron wires, which feel oppressive and heavy, and every movement causes pain due to the iron wires.

Three Of Live (2022) '40

Performance during International
Territori performance art festival
Ibiza / Spain
III edition 17/25 September 2022
Comisariado: Isa Sanz
Fotografía: Anita de Austria.

The Desire to Detach from the Tree of Life

The human being desires to detach from the Tree of Life, to free oneself from the connection with the cosmic unity it represents. This desire arises from the longing for individuality, freedom, and independence. The human wants to walk their own path, make their own choices, and develop their own identity separate from the collective soul.

Inevitable Connection with the Cosmic Unity

However, every time the human tries to break away from the Tree of Life, they discover that it is not an easy task. No matter how far they travel or how hard they try to isolate themselves from the unity of the universe. The connection seems inevitable. They still feel the invisible threads that link them to everything and everyone, and they cannot let go of the presence of the Tree of Life.

The Balance between Individuality and Interconnectedness

Human realizes that their pursuit of individuality and freedom does not mean they are completely detached from the oneness of life. Instead, they begin to understand that the path to true fulfillment and happiness. Lies in finding a balance between their individual self and their interconnectedness with the greater whole.

Struggle with Conflicting Desires

They notice that when they stray too far from the Tree of Life, they experience a sense of emptiness and isolation. They feel disconnected from the source of life, love, and meaning. The desire to return to the interconnectedness grows. But at the same time, they feel compelled to follow their unique path.

Inseparability of the Tree of Life

The human struggles with these conflicting feelings and desires. They feel caught between their need for individuality and their longing for unity. They try various ways to liberate themselves and go their own way. But each time they come to realize that the Tree of Life is an inseparable part of them.

Embracing of One’s Unique Branch and Leaves

Ultimately, the human begins to understand that it is not about completely detaching from the Tree of Life. But about embracing their own unique branch and leaves within the vast canopy of the tree. They realize that they can cultivate their individuality while still being a part of the greater unity.

Instead of struggling with the connection. The human learns how to live in harmony with the Tree of Life. They learn that true freedom and fulfillment come from embracing their own essence. While recognizing the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Paradox of Being Unique and Connected

The human embraces the paradox of their existence and finds peace in realizing that they are both unique and connected. They understand that their journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery is not a separate path. But rather a dance with the Tree of Life, wherein they gain deeper insights into their true self and their place in the cosmic whole.

The proposals of the Territori Festival this morning were “#CoffeeStories” and “Roots and masks”, at Passeig de ses Fonts in Sant Antoni. “#CoffeeStories” showcases the possibilities that can arise from a simple cup of coffee. Would you dare to have a coffee with a stranger? This was the proposal by Pancho López (Mexico). Later, “Roots and masks” is a workshop by Shahar Dor involving local artists and artists from different parts of Europe. As a result of their work in Ibiza, they create a performance proposal that captures the experience gained at Territori.

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