Three Of Live (2022) '40

Performance during International
Territori performance art festival
Ibiza / Spain
III edition 17/25 September 2022
Comisariado: Isa Sanz
Fotografía: Anita de Austria.

Here’s a revised version of your text that highlights the unique and exciting aspects of Territori Ibiza:

Territori Ibiza is not your average festival. It’s an international gathering celebrating performance art in all its daring and thought-provoking glory. Since 2020, this stunning island has brought together an extraordinary group of artists from around the world who specialize in body-based, live, and action arts. At Territori, we offer a platform for creative exploration and welcome emerging and local talent with open arms.

Our mission at Territori is simple: we want to bring people closer to the living arts and help them overcome any apprehension they may have. Performance art is a thrilling experience that connects the audience with artists through the body, within a specific context linked to the territory. We believe that an audience is crucial to the success of any performance, and we strive to create an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends.

And the third edition of our festival was nothing short of spectacular! We concluded the event with a bang, showcasing music and three performances that left the audience in awe. And throughout the festival, we offered a 9-day immersive experience that included a carefully curated program of workshops, mentoring, documentaries, talks, and exhibitions. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for artists to explore and develop their craft, while also giving the audience a chance to witness the power and beauty of performance art up close and personal.

At Territori we seek to shorten distances and lose the fear of the living arts. Performance art proposes an unrepeatable experience that connects the audience with artists through the body and in a specific context linked to the territory. Without an audience, there is no performance. 
9 days of immersion thanks to a carefully planned program, professional workshops, mentoring, documentaries, talks, exhibitions, and workshops.
Territori is Ibiza. Ibiza is Territori.

TONI ESCOBAR Las propuestas del Festival Territori esta mañana han sido “#HistoriasdeCafé” y “Roots and masks” , en el Passeig de ses Fonts de Sant Antoni. En “#HistoriasdeCafé” se muestran las posibilidades que pueden surgir con un simple taza de café. ¿Te atreverías a tomarte un café con un desconocido? Esta ha sido la propuesta de Pancho López (México). Después, “Roots and masks” es un taller con Shahar Dor donde participan artistas locales y de diferentes puntos de Europa. Como resultado de su trabajo en Ibiza, realiza una propuesta de performance que recoja la experiencia aprendida en Territori.

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