performance art

Seed (2023) ’60 

Blossoming Nature: A Performance of Growth and Harmony

Friction (2023) ’90 min

On Friday 13 October 2023, the Kunsthal Rotterdam opened the exhibition ‘Fancy Some Friction, Honey?‘, which celebrates 33 years of the Cokkie Snoei gallery. The exhibition shows the work of 33 artists chosen by Cokkie. One of them is Julia Kiryanova, who gave a special performance.


Spiritual Journey Through Performance Art


Oppression and Violence in a Religious Community


Personal journey and transformation


The Struggle of Queerness in a Religious Society


Performance on Gender Identity


A Performance Art Piece on Religious Oppression


EUROPA (2023)  ’30



Equinox (2023) ’60

‘Equinox – same but different’

is an international project that celebrates freedom and connectivity through performance art.


Ferceltie (2022) ’10

In a whole other dimension where opposites attract just as much as they don’t.


Asphyxia (2022) ’30

Concept by Marc Montijano during International Territori performance art festival

Decolonization (2022) ’40

Performance Art by Philemon Mukarno

Performance during International

Territori performance art festival

Three Of Live (2022) ’40

Performance Art by Philemon Mukarno

Performance during International

Territori performance art festival

Ground (2022) ’11

Video Performance by Philemon Mukarno made in Can Tomeu, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain.

Jellyfish (2022) ’10

Video Performance by Philemon Mukarno made in Can Tomeu, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain.

Wielewaal (2022) ’15

Performance Art by Philemon Mukarno at Wielewaal Festival.

Run Away (2022)

Concept: Elias Kirsche

Performance: Elias Kirsche, Belinda, Marc Luethi.

Context: Dreamworld 360° – Artist in Residence Program by Elias Kirsche (2022)

Splash (2022)

Concept and direction: Belinda

Performance: Belinda, Marc Lüthi

Opening the Yoni

(2022) ’10

Concept: Philemon Mukarno

Performance: Belinda, Marc Lüthi, Philemon Mukarno

Concept and direction: Elias Kirsche

Performance: Belinda, Elinor, F.L., Marc Lüthi, Toni Belenus.

Depot Trio (2022) ’10min

Performance by Philemon Mukarno ,Thomas Zollinger & Susanne Guggisberg.

Winterthur, Swiss.

Monday (2022) ’45min

Video Performance by Philemon Mukarno & Thomas Zollinger. Winterthur, Swiss.

Kist (2022)’30

Video Performance by Philemon Mukarno

Winterthur, Swiss.

Philemon Mukarno, Beatrice Schumacher, Federico Ituarte, F.R.B, F. L., Henry Walther, Belinda, Marc Lüthi, Philipp Korn, Vera Héritier, Thomas Zollinger.

Cells (2022) ‘7″21

Video Performance: Lina KattPhilemon Mukarno

Violin: Martine von Gleich

Video & Audio recording by Philemon Mukarno


(2022) 2h

11 &12 June 2022
Schauspiel Koeln
Colone, Germany

Concept, Choreography, DJ Doris Uhlich

Death of ego  (2022)’7

Wednesday 18 Mai 2022/20:00

Rotterdam Art Week 2022
Van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam


Monday 6 December 2021 /20:30


Bergensesteenweg 33B, 1070 Anderlecht, Belgium

Sunday 21/11/2021 / 20:00h

Larnaca Municipal Theater
Municipal Gardens
Leonida Kioupi Street
Larnaca, Cyprus.

Habitat/Amsterdam (2021) 1h45min.

10 & 11 November 2021 / 21:00
Nes 63
1012 KD Amsterdam

Normcore (2021)’15

Saturday 30 October 2021 / 19:30
The Performance Bar
Boomgaardsstraat 69 3012 XA Rotterdam

Rosie’s Bingo Nights (2021) 1h’30min.

Friday 29 October 2021 / 22:00
Madame Moustache brussels
5 – 7 Quai au bois à brûler, 1000 Bruxelles

Eros(2021) ’07″37

Video Performance 

Made during EROS 24/7, a seven days concept by Elias Kirsche 14-22 Oct 2021.

Concept & Performance Art: Thomas Zollinger and Philemon Mukarno.

Concept & Camera: Johannes Gerard 

Performance art: Philemon MukarnoThomas Zollinger and Elisabeth Schär.

Context: EROS 24/7 by Elias Kirsche

Performance: Oliver Frey, Johannes Gerard, Tobias Gürtler, Philemon MukarnoThomas Zollinger and a clothed person.

Concept: Thomas Zollinger.

Context: EROS 24/7, 14.-22.2021, Concept Elias Kirsche.

Transition (2021) ’15

BUT Film Festival, Breda, Netherlands

Testimony (2021) ’30

Tictac Art Centre, Brussels , België

Concept & Performance Art: Loeki van der Horst

The Imaginary Art Collective: The Art of Letting Go
Video performance
Hanabi Fireworks Performance

De Helena, The Hauge, Netherlands

Video performance

Body Lab Festival 2018
The Performance Bar, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Anatheistic Performance 

(2018) ’30

MINT: NEST , Rotterdam, Netherlands 

Video performance

IPA Performance Art FestivalQuartair, Toussaintkade 55, The Hague, Netherlands

IPA Performance Art FestivalQuartair , Toussaintkade 55, The hague, Netherlands

PAB Open Festival 2017, Festplassen, Bergen, Norway

PAB Performance Art Festival Bergen

Sunday 8th October -13:00-17:00,

Vaskerelven 8, Bergen, Norway

Easter Christmas


Podium @ IDFX Kunst Drift Collectief 2.0, Breda,Netherlands

Video performance

IPA The Hauge, Quartair , Toussaintkade 55, The hague, Netherlands

Rotterdam, Netherlands

with Aga Wi Compagnietheater, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aalsmeer, Netherlands

City Art, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Scheveningen, Netherlands

City Art, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Zeist, Netherlands

Het Gemaal op Zuid, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Worm, Rotterdam, Netherlands