Rosie's Bingo Nights (2021) 1h'30min.

Rosie's Bingo Nights: An Enchanting Journey into the Tantric Realm of Naked Performance

Introduction: An Unforgettable Night of Fantasy and Nudity

Step into a world of enchantment and uninhibited expression as Rosie’s Bingo Nights take center stage on Friday, 29 October 2021. At Madame Moustache Brussels. This daring and captivating naked performance promises an evening like no other. Where fantasy meets reality in a celebration of the human body and its artistic potential.

The Inspirational Spark: Tantra for Beginners XL

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing “Tantra for Beginners XL” performance at the renowned Tictac Art Centre in Brussels. Rosie’s Bingo Nights weaves a tale of sensuality and freedom. Led by the brilliant Rosie Sommers, this show is an exploration of Tantra through her unique lens of artistic interpretation.

Embracing Nudity: A Brave Cast of Performers

In an awe-inspiring display of courage and self-expression. The talented cast of performers: Philemon Mukarno, Micha Joseah Barratt-Due Goldberg, Camille Da Silva, Charlotte Nagel, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Shaïne Mahaux, and Tomás de Souza. They take the stage completely naked. Guided by Rosie Sommers’ vision of Tantra, they will delve into the world of tantric exercises and uninhibited self-discovery.

Rosie Sommers: The Maestro of Artistic Tantra

At the heart of Rosie’s Bingo Nights stands Rosie Sommers, a visionary artist who blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Through her interpretation of Tantra, Rosie leads the performers into a realm of vulnerability and empowerment. Using nudity as a powerful tool of artistic communication.

A Celebration of Human Expression: The Naked Truth

Rosie’s Bingo Nights is not merely a show; it is an ethereal celebration of the human spirit and the inherent beauty of the naked body. Embracing nudity as a form of artistic expression, this performance aims to challenge societal norms and inspire audiences to embrace their own vulnerabilities.

Unveiling the Magic of Rosie’s Bingo Nights

Prepare to be enchanted and inspired as Rosie’s Bingo Nights unfold its spellbinding tale on that unforgettable Friday night. The magic of naked performance, combined with Rosie Sommers’ artistic brilliance, will transport you to a realm of fantasy and self-discovery. Celebrating the human body and its artistic potential, this unique show promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.

About Philemon Mukarno: Unveiling the Soul of a Naked Performer

Philemon Mukarno, a fearless and talented performer, stands proudly among the cast of Rosie’s Bingo Nights. Through the power of his naked expression, he captivates the audience, revealing the depth of human emotions and the beauty of vulnerability. Visit his website to explore more of his artistic endeavors and immerse yourself in the world of unapologetic self-expression.

Friday 29 October 2021 / 22:00
Madame Moustache Brussels
5 – 7 Quai au bois à brûler

1000 Bruxelles

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